Before the next flu season, Nova Scotia will witness the arrival of a new high-dose flu vaccine. The vaccine is designed to raise the natural immunity of our senior members.

Nova Scotia confirms that the new high-dose flu vaccine is stronger and has higher efficiency than its current counterpart.

The province will be buying about seven thousand specially formulated high-dose flu vaccines. It will be administered to the senior community living in the residential care facilities within the frontiers of Nova Scotia. The province says that the high-dose flu vaccines are about four times the strength of the current vaccines. It is beneficial in protecting the senior community from influenza.

Randy Delorey says, “Nova Scotians living in long-term care facilities have the highest rates of severe illness and hospitalizations from influenza.”Randy Delorey is the health minister of the Nova Scotia.

The high-dose flu vaccine will generate hundred fewer hospital stays. The adult population in Canada accounts for about fifteen percent of the total Canadian population. The fifteen percent is inclusive of the adults in the age group of sixty-five years and above. The province says that the adult population of Canada experiences nearly sixty-percent of the complications related to the influenza disease. Also, it accounts for eighty-eight percent of the influenza-related deaths.

H3N2 is the active strain responsible for causing Type A of influenza disease. Currently, the atmosphere of Canada is witnessing the circulation of the H3N2 influenza strain. The strain is the sole contributor to the disease in the elderly population.

Dr. Robert Strang says, “Because the immune system declines as we age, older adults are more susceptible to influenza even when they are vaccinated, and this is especially true of individuals in long-term care.”Dr. Robert Strang is the chief medical officer of the Nova Scotia. He further added that high-dose flu vaccine would also prove beneficial to those who do catch the influenza flu.

There were sixty-one influenza deaths reported this season. In lieu of this, the number of the flu deaths was about twenty-six in the same time in the year 2017.