Becoming a cloud engineer requires an extensive knowledge of the various skills and attributions needed in the industry. If you are someone looking to acquire this knowledge, then Daniel Nwosu’s training program is for you. As an experienced figure in the cloud computing industry, Nwosu knows just how difficult it can be to find a comprehensive training program that covers everything you need to know and prepares you for a job.

Daniel Nwosu
Daniel Nwosu, founder and CEO of CloudElite

Daniel Nwosu’s own experience when entering the industry was what inspired him to create CloudElite. When deciding to enter the world of cloud computing, Nwosu found it incredibly difficult to find a training program of value. While he eventually did, he took notice of that gap in the market and made it his mission to make training more accessible to people around the world.

Nwosu has now built a passionate team of teachers and formed CloudElite, a well-rounded training program that has revolutionized the learning experience for budding cloud engineers. With 90% of their students passing their certification on their first try and 80% receiving a job offer in no time. CloudElite have become one of the most sought after training programs in the industry for people looking to build a successful career as a Cloud Engineer.

The teachers all have a 5+ certifications in AWS and are truly dedicated to teaching others, often taking time out of their own lives to help their students further. Some of the services that they offer include hands-on training, mock interviews, Linked-In optimization, and a hand-crafted resume. These are designed to fully prepare each and every student for the workforce and to boost their chances of getting a job.

There is more on the horizon for CloudElite as they continue to expand, hoping to offer their revolutionary services to as many people as possible. Their virtual classes have already been a huge success with virtual students receiving the qualifications and jobs that they had hoped for. CEO Daniel Nwosu has also indicated that the business plans to host seminars to reach more people with their expert advice. They are also planning to branch out from the US and offer their services in the UK and in Canada.

With CloudElite, you can become a certified IT professional who is ready for the industry. The skills and confidence that the program allows each of their students to build is the key reason for the successful careers that students go on to enjoy.

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