A newly made game engine called “KZX Engine” is a success for students, build anything without any licenses or paid fees how big your project is?

What is the KZX Engine?

KZX Engine

KZX Engine is a newly released 3D game engine under a proprietary based software license. The new game engine was made and developed by Grand Dog Studio, a non-profit organization that is specialized in software and game development. They say that the KZX Engine is not open-sourced but is fairly open for many other uses like custom assets and games that can be commercialized without any additional fees or extra payments. This new game engine has been released just a few days ago in early January of 2022. Their current goal at Grand Dog Studio is that they are trying to make their software more easier for others to use and for better and optimized game development, this is for both students and for game industry professionals. The KZX Engine is a new frontier of next-generation lua script game engines that is optimized for both high spec and low spec computers running on a windows operating system. You can visit their official website for more information or for a downloadable copy of the KZX Engine.



The benefits that the KZX Engine gives is that its completely for free, you can sell and commercialize your own assets and games made with this software without any additional fees or payments. The KZX Engine was build in a way for new developers to create games easier and faster, So it is a must have for game development students that want to learn more with the lua programming language.

Is the KZX Engine worth to use


Is the KZX Engine worth to use? The answer is yes, the new game engine gives more freedom in commercialization of the games and their assets, Other than Unity or Unreal Engine as comparison With a fee after earning a certain amount of money with your project. This small yet new game engine could maybe be more license friendly towards game developers for better distribution.