Kristin Hoppe
Kristin Hoppe. Beautiful spread in Glamour Mexico

Kristin Hoppe is a German model that has already achieved a lot in her short modeling career. From the outset, Hoppe’s outgoing and charismatic personality made her a favorite of many modeling agencies. Right now, Hoppe is more than ready to set the fashion and beauty scene ablaze with her striking beauty and passion for her job.

Where did it all begin?

Hoppe was born and raised in Germany. During her secondary studies, her teachers encouraged her to model and Hoppe went on to be part of season 6 of Germany’s Next Topmodel with Heidi Klum. After finishing an apprenticeship in hairdressing top of her class and having been scouted and signed by Ford Models, she decided to relocate to Los Angeles indefinitely to pursue her career in modeling.

Rapid rise

Being signed to her first agency, Ford Models, was the start of her career.  However, she is also represented by many reputable agencies across the global. She has been affiliated with Storm Models in London, Louisa Models in Hamburg and Wilhelmina Models in Miami to name a few. Hoppe has walked the runway and worked in many different countries across the world and it’s clear to see that her passion for modeling is simply unrivaled.

Her Instagram following

Known by her Insta name, @thewhitefox, Hoppe has been sharing fashion-related content with her devoted fans. But why the nickname The White Fox? The memorable nickname and moniker grew because of her luscious silver locks, coupled with her intense green eyes and graceful smile. The name has stuck and has become a big part of her modeling brand and identity, reinforced by her elegance, poise and talent.

Her down time

You can tell from her Instagram page that she loves spending time outdoors and traveling. Moreover, Hoppe loves hiking and socializing with her friends whenever she gets the chance. She also loves spending time with her dog, a Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix, whenever she can. Her dog has also been able to come to work with her occasionally (per her clients requests) and even been part of a Sephora beauty campaign along side Kristin.

Past modeling work

Hoppe has worked for a variety of diverse, affluent and well-known fashion brands and clients. Indeed, she has been involved in campaigns and shows for Michael Kors, Nordstrom, PacSun, Paige Denim, Sephora, Equinox and even Giorgio Armani. She has also been featured in a range of fashion magazines, such as Glamour Mexico, Glamour Bulgaria, Allure, TeenVogue and many other well-known publications.

What’s on the horizon for Kristin Hoppe?

Hoppe continues to have a busy schedule over the next 6-12 months, even though the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has certainly caused some issues in the fashion industry (as it has with nearly all core industries).


At the end of the day, modeling remains an incredibly difficult and competitive profession. Indeed, Hoppe’s early success in her career is a testament to the fact that if you are driven and completely committed to becoming a successful model, the opportunities are there. In fact, more and more fashion labels are looking for more diverse, unique models for their line-ups. Long gone are the days when only “conventionally” beautiful men and women were able to be world-famous models and influencers.