The Cygnus Supply Ship is scheduled for a launch on Monday morning, i.e., May 21, 2018. An orbital ATK Antares rocket will facilitate its launch. The Cygnus Supply Ship is being launched to deliver about three tons of the NASA’s cargo to the International Space Station. The launch will go live on the internet.

Sharp at 4:39 am EDT, the Antares rocket is scheduled to lit off. It will leave from the Pad-0A of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport. The Pad-0A of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport is present at the NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The will telecast the launch live across the globe. The is the courtesy of the NASA TV. The telecast will begin at 4:00 am EDT sharp. The NASA claims that there are seventy percent chances to have good weather during the launch.

If the weather stays fit, the U.S. East Coast spectators can view the rocket launching from the east coast. Joe Rao advises people to wait for a few extra minutes post the Antares rocket launch to witness something special. Joe Rao is the Skywatching columnist.

Joe Rao visualizes the entire rocket launch to present it before the enthusiastic spectators. He says, “while the rocket’s first stage might look like the shooting star or fast-moving light flying low in the sky, its second stage could appear a bit flashier, with a smoky contrail tail behind it illuminated by the sun so that it looks like a comet. That second-stage ignition will occur 4 minutes and 22 seconds after the lift-off. The launch is scheduled for very early in the morning, but the view will be well worth the exhaustion.”

The launch was initially scheduled today, but it was later postponed by the Orbital ATK and NASA.

The current flight will be the ninth Orbital ATK’s commercial cargo flight. It will be succeeding the OA-8 which was launched in the November 2017.