Norwegian DJ, Wiese

Breaking into the mainstream EDM and pop scene is no easy feat. While the music scene used to be dominated by rock, metal and alternative sounds, the mainstream audience has shifted mainly towards house music, pop and electronic dance music (EDM). What does this mean? Well, it means that there’s a whole lot of competition out there, and only the best of the best have the potential to make it. Norwegian DJ, Wiese, also known as Trygve Wiese-Haugland, is one of the few songwriters and performers that has been able to successfully break into the EDM scene and maintain that success. How has he done it? Well, read on to find out.

Instead of signing with a rival record label, however, the Norwegian DJ has decided to take the independent route and is currently producing music under his own label for the time being.

Developing his style

Trygve Wiese-Haugland

Ask any music performer, and they’ll tell you that one of the most crucial parts to becoming successful is having a distinct style and brand of music. Indeed, this is something that Wiese has gradually developed and refined throughout his long music career while continuing to work on it into the future.

If you listen to any of Wiese’s most famous songs, you’ll undoubtedly pick up some similarities he has with other artists. And this shouldn’t be a surprise, since he grew up in the same area as Kygo and Alan Walker (in Bergen). It goes to show that one’s context, upbringing and background can have a significant influence on their creative contributions, like music, literature and film.

Many of Wiese’s songs use the same core elements and structure. They’re filled with stunning vocals and massive pop hooks, almost alluding to some of Taylor Swift’s more recent work. The melodies are usually uplifting and catchy, meaning they are the perfect addition to any party mix or festival season. If you’re hosting a party soon (COVID-safe, of course), then you should certainly be adding some of Wiese’s latest tracks to your party playlist.


What has Wiese released recently?

2020 has been a big year for Wiese (as it has been for a lot of people), given the fact that he released several singles, which have been highly successful so far. Earlier this year, Wiese began rebuilding his career released his first track as an independent artist – “How Can I Live” in February.

He followed “How Can I Live” with three more awesome bangers, “Never Let Me Go”, “I Fell” and “Somebody Else”. In fact, “Never Let Me Go” was even featured in the top 10 of Norway’s “Hits Don’t Lie” list, above international artists like Kygo, The Weeknd and Martin Garrix.

There’s a reason why Wiese has amassed over 10 million Spotify plays. While his success has been primarily constrained to Norway and other parts of Europe, there are some signs that his domestic success could soon be translated into international hits. It is certainly worth being on the lookout for Wiese in the international scene for the next few years.