As the owner of a small to medium sized business, you have a constant responsibility to minimise the amount of possible errors and setbacks that can occur. Manual stock control systems that rely on Excel spreadsheets or worse; pen and paper, invite human error which can lead to a loss of stock and in turn a loss of profit.

This is why purchasing inventory management software Australia is so important for local businesses in order to keep their day-to-day operations running smoothly and their customers satisfied. You can’t afford to cut corners here.

Let’s take a look at a few essential points of consideration when purchasing warehouse inventory management software in Australia.



With the rise of cloud-based solutions, implementing a warehouse inventory management system in Australia is easier than ever before. While it is very tempting to spend big on a solution that has a lot of bells and whistles, you need to make sure that you are only investing in features your company is actually going to benefit from.

As you can expect, you need to identify what your company’s stock control needs are so that you only pay for the most appropriate solution. Take a look at the business plan you are using and figure out how the new system will benefit you in the short and long term.

Having a concrete understanding of your company’s needs is essential in order to make sure you only invest in solutions that will actually make a difference. If you spend too much money on warehouse inventory management software in Australia, you could wind up with far more issues than just keeping track of your stock levels.


Functionality and ease of use

While the price of the system is an important point, the usability of it is equally crucial. You might find a stock control solution that’s got lots of great technical features, but it won’t be very useful if it’s going to take weeks and weeks of staff training for to learn it.

The system needs to be as easy to use as it is compressive so that employees, especially new ones, can adjust quickly and start being productive. The last thing you want is a system that need hours of specialised training to use effectively.

You need to make sure you choose warehouse inventory management software in Australia that’s user-friendly so that you aren’t struggling trying to complete basic tasks. The steeper the learning curve, the more costly the entire transition is going to be.



Analytics and reporting

In today’s digital age, data is a big issue. It has to power to make or break companies as they provider powerful insight into consumer habits and business performance.

Beyond simply recording data, you warehouse inventory management software in Australia needs to be able to present neat, organised reports for your perusal. There’s no point having the system collect all of this data if you don’t have an easy way to graph and interpret the results.

Most warehouse inventory management software in Australia will use pre-defined reports that already know what they key metrics you want to look at are. Others go further and give you the power to customize reports so that you can see insights specific to your business goals.

Depending on the industry you are operating in, you may prefer warehouse inventory management software in Australia that can either partially or totally automate the ordering process. If you don’t trust the computer to automatically re-order, you at least have the ability to set up notifications so that you don’t waste any time restocking.