With the assistance of the modern healthcare facilities and the increased standards of living, life expectancy is predicted to surpass the figure of the eighty years by 2050. However as every coin has got its negative side; the other side of this current prediction is that it will raise the no. of the people aged above sixty years of the age. The predicted count for the senior citizens is assumed to rise to above two billion. The higher number of the senior citizens will, in turn, give rise to the health problems and pose a global burden. Unfortunately, we are currently inefficient to deal with a tremendous global healthcare burden.

One such healthcare problem for the senior citizens is dementia. Alzheimer’s is responsible for merely sixty to seventy percent of dementia. The United States records a new case of dementia after every sixty-six seconds. In the year 2018, the cost for the care of the dementia patients is expected to be above one trillion U.S. dollars. It is the highest rate ever experienced in the history of the care of dementia patients.

Currently, the global market has got five drugs to slow down the process of the memory loss caused by the Alzheimer’s. Out of the five drugs available in the market, no drug can be entitled to be the best. In fact, the last of the five drugs, which were marketed, is the Memantine. The Forest Labs is the innovator of the Memantine drug. Currently, the Forest Labs sells the drug under the brand name of the Namenda. The drug received its approval from the United States Food and Drugs Administration in the year 2003.

After the market inundation of the Memantine, the researchers could not develop a new drug on the Alzheimer’s. The primary reason is the asymptomatic nature of the disease. The second reason is that it is difficult to judge whether the patient is in the early biological stages of the disease or the advanced stages. The third and the last reason is the difficulty in tracing the Alzheimer’s patients get ready for the clinical trials.