We do believe in celestial events religiously. However, the faith of the villagers in China calls for the attention of people across the globe. The people from a village in China have started worshipping a meteorite. The meteorite came crashing down to the Earth’s surface from the sky. It is being said that two such meteors were falling from the sky. However only one of those two meteorites was able to make its way through the roof of a home in the village of China.

Once the family staying in the home which was blessed by the celestial event witnessed the fall of the meteorite, they immediately placed it on an altar for worship. Interestingly, the villagers started worshipping the meteorite from the very first day. In addition to worship, the villagers also threw money at the meteor and burn the incense stick as we practice religiously while visiting temples.

Depending on the brightness of meteorite, it was designated with the title of bolide or superbolide. The fallen meteorite was first witnessed by the residents in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. The Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture is present in South-western China’s Yunnan Province.

The astronomers have captured the videos of the celestial event that marked the downfall of the bolide meteorite from the sky. The videos depict the bolide meteorite to be glowing brightly in the night sky while making a rapid descend towards the Earth.

The Chinese officials conveyed that they are focusing their search on scattering range of the heavenly meteorite. In addition to the zest for exploring the scattering range of bolide, the officials claim of finding four out of the six pieces of the stony-iron object. The officials entitled the four discovered fragments as ‘fresh’ and subsequently bears an ‘a high research value.’

Almost all of the meteorites discovered are said to be seized by the Chinese authorities for the research purpose. Officials conveyed that they were keen on placing their hands on such celestial meteorites as they previously failed to find physical traces of superbolide. Last year, South-western China experienced the explosion of a superbolide meteorite.

NASA describes the exploding meteorite as a ‘fireball.’ The fireball is said to possess an energy equivalent to five hundred and forty tonnes.