The researchers from the United Kingdom are undertaking exceptional research. The efforts will concentrate towards the modification of starch into slowly digestible form.

The research is being accomplished by a research team from Norwich-based Quadram Institute. This institute was formerly known as the Institute of Food Research.

The researchers are targeting the results to be a white bread loaded with heaps of nutritious factors. This highly nutritious bread will rule out the hustles of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

The future endeavors of the research would focus on the development of the personalized food. This personalised food would serve different nutritional purposes for different individuals.

Professor Richard Mithen conveyed, “wheat, a major source of starch, provides a fifth of all the calories consumed in the world. Wheat starch is the basis of all those fast foods.” Professor Richard Mithen is the lead scientist of the current research study.

White bread and potatoes contain wheat starch. This wheat starch gets digested rapidly and gives rise to a big spike of sugar in the human body. On account of the quick digestion, the wheat starch fails to make its way to the lower intestine. The lower intestine plays a vital role in the release of chemicals which informs you that your body is full. Also, the rapidly digested wheat starch was unable to feed the beneficial bacteria that represent the gut microflora.

Professor Mithen concludes, “So we have a very extensive programme to look at how we can make subtle changes to the starches in wheat so we can slow up that digestive process. We need to do something about the burger bun.”