The weather scientists believe that the changing weather patterns are negatively influencing India’s capacity to generate renewable energy. The recent research work employs about ten global climate models. These global climate models are meant for the investigation of large-scale changes in the generation of wind powers across the stretch of Northern Hemisphere.

Dr K.J. Ramesh agrees, “The weather is bound to change due to climate change. When rainfall patterns are changing, the intensity and frequency of heavy rainfall are changing; warming is changing, there will be appropriate changes in the wind regime as well.” Dr K.J. Ramesh is the director general of meteorology from Indian Meteorological Department.

These research findings can spin India’s largest renewable energy programme. The programme is aimed to produce about hundred gigawatts of renewable energy by harnessing solar energy. Besides, it seeks to generate about sixty gigawatts by leveraging wind energy up to March 2022.

Mahesh Kolli said, “In the average view, we are fine, but in the short-term, in the past two years or so, we have had a bad season. Normally, we don’t get to see two continuous years of bad seasons.” Mahesh Kolli is the founder, joint managing director and president of Greenko Group. Greenko Group is a renewable energy firm based in Hyderabad.

The climate change impact is also visible from the financial losses incurred by India of about nine to ten billion dollars per annum. This financial loss was due to extreme weather conditions. Even the economic survey for the annual year 2016-2017 also pitches towards instruments for climate insurance.

The scientific fraternity focuses on the anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. These anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for changes in the global circulation of the atmosphere.