European Union is marking its stellar existence with its recent launch. Yes! You heard it right. EU has recently launched Sentinel-3b. It is attributed to the earth Observation Spacecraft.

Recently, EU launched Sentinel-3b into space. It is said to be a multi-purpose satellite. Once into space, it is expected to join the parallel platform of Sentinel-3a. Sentinel-3b is a successive spacecraft of Sentinel-3a, which was released two years back.

Sentinel-3b is honored to be the seventh inclusion in the arms of the Copernicus program. Whatever the Sentinel unveils the space, will be accessible to the global audience.

Mission Statements for the Sentinel 3-a and 3-b is as follows:

  • They are engineered to measure the thickness of the Arctic sea ice and to monitor the wildfires.
  • It will help to assist hurricane forecasting.
  • They shall be responsible for identifying and mapping the possibilities of the marine pollution.

European Union has launched the following Sentinel Series:

  • Sentinel 1: It is a radar satellite. It is launched to observe the Earth’s facet all around the 365 days of the calendar.
  • Sentinel 2: These are the multi-wavelength detectors. They are directed to observe and study the changes in land surfaces.
  • Sentinel 3: It resembles the Sentinel 2. It is engineered to trace the ocean behaviors and its features.
  • Sentinel 4: Sentinel 4 is a high-orbiting sensor. It is used for analyzing the gases present in the atmospheric belt.
  • Sentinel 5: Sentinel 5 is a low orbiting sensor for the atmosphere. It aids in monitoring the quality and standard of the air.
  • Sentinel 6: It is a long run, Jason.

A glimpse of the Copernicus Program:

  • It is a budding program forms the best brains of the European Union.
  • European Space Agency is assisting the European Union to accomplish its motive.
  • It is predicted to cater to the needs of the climate change researchers.
  • It shall aid in responding to disasters such as Earthquakes, floods.