Saqib Aslam
Saqib Aslam

The music industry can be a strange and overwhelming venture, for music producer Saqib Aslam aka ApisTheBull, it was a motivator. The young entrepreneur and music producer is no stranger to unexpected twists and turns in his career trajectory. He started off on a totally different path, in his early twenties he was a college graduate on track to working in the public administration space. He felt the bite of the musical bug and started working tirelessly towards that instead.

The gamble paid off as not long after his career sea change, he founded Apis Records, his production company and had released a few singles that made an incredible impact.

Getting Started

Saqib Aslam was just your average college graduate in his early 20’s, looking towards a respectable enough job in an industry with some security and benefits that would lend itself to not making too many waves.

Then his passions began to rouse. He felt the need to create music, he was enamoured with the way it all worked together and before long his first two singles were released through Apis Records to critical acclaim, and his journey became split between coaching and creating.

The Brand V The Craft

One of the key takeaways that Saqib Aslam puts forth in those who seek some guidance is the differential between Brand and Craft. One of the reasons the artist has maintained a steady open relationship with his fanbase and with young up-and-comers to the industry, is that he noticed the disillusionment and disappointment that cascaded the young starters in the music industry.

This was mostly stemming from the difficult barriers that befell those talented unknowns who were trying to crack into the industry and find success. He discovered that its equal parts talent, craft, and branding when it comes to success. A lesson he has tried to instil in those who ask for his assistance.

Saqib Aslam

Some Advice

ApisTheBull has determined that there is no magical formula for making success appear. Instead, he has the honest truth when it comes to finding a modicum of success, hard work. Working hard and finding your own voice seems to be the best advice for making an impact. For Saqib Aslam, we cannot wait to see where it leads.