Indigo Suave

Indigo Suave is a musical phenomenon and vetted hip hop talent. He is one such artist, rapper and producer who decided to colour the lines and share his music with the world. Little did he know his discography would be respected and garner global praise from hip-hop and trap lovers worldwide. Indigo Suave gives his audience a profound experience that unites his approach, ingraining heartfelt production in all of his releases, from the rhythmic instruments to the unique drum patterns.

Today, it’s infrequent to rub shoulders with musicians who bring reputed content to the table; Indigo Suave has an inherent capacity to bring people together by purposely intermingling NY culture and hip-hop themes that worldwide listeners find relatable. When it comes to his innovative technique, Indigo Suave shares:

“I usually start with the beat by making melodies on my MIDI keyboard or guitar. After I come up with the melody, I then add the percussion. I believe good music comes from the soul and should never be forced. That’s where the real magic happens!”

Because of his heritage and passion for raw Hip-Hop Music, you’ll find Indigo Suave  combining elements of Trap Melodies and Golden Era Hip-hop; some would call this Modern Rap, others a combination of Future Trap.”

What’s unique about Indigo’s story is that music was never a part of his childhood; in fact, his first encounter with music was purchasing and downloading his very first copy of Pro Tools. After gaining enough experience to showcase his talent, he created a Spotify, uploaded his singles and developed a strong following on social media.

As his force grew, Indigo Suave discovered the benefit of collaboration and began having friends rap over his newly made productions. One of these notable mentions is Indigo’s record, “Evolve,” a perfect example of what Indigo Suavecan executed so remarkably in the studio.

Although Indigo Suave has about six years under his belt, Indigo Suave has accomplished considerably more than most rappers in his lane. From being self-taught to recognizing the value of collaboration and taking it by the horns––he has been able to solidify a more substantial influence online and shows no signs of slowing down.

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