In conversation with Model and Creative Director, Mathias le Fèvre

Please Introduce yourself and tell us your story.

My name is Mathias le Fèvre. I am model, creative director and founder of the visual content production house, Le Fevre Media. Through my roles within the spectre of fashion & luxury, my goal is to highlight sustainable craftsmanship with creative storytelling.

  1. Have you always been interested in fashion?

Style has always been my core of self-expression. Flicking the time back to 2012, this is when my style journey began. I was 16 years old, still living in Denmark and while still in school I started my own online business, selling building materials online. It might seem unusual for a teenager going into such an industry, but since I was 12 years old, I had been working for my family’s company which was selling heated wooden flooring solutions. Entrepreneurship must have been wired into my DNA because I poured my heart and soul into the company and absolutely loved it. But being a young man in business, I quickly realised that you are addressed as you are dressed. So, with no education in dressing, I through books and online journals started learning the basics of what makes a great suit. Tailoring became my greatest hobby and I had developed a deep hunger to explore every stich of its craft.

Mathias le Fevre

  1. When did you take the decision to make a career in fashion?

When I moved to London in 2015 to set up the UK department of my business, I got carried away with exploring the workshops of Savile Row and connected with the characters of this extraordinary pocket of an industry. I started an online journal and interviewed artisans who were shimmering with passion when they spoke about their craft. At this point my vision for the future became a blur, I had for years counted on this set plan and naively thought that I had my life figured out at a young age. But as a part of me growing up it suddenly became crystal clear that success is measured in more than the digests in your bank account or the things that you own. I realised that a rich life is living and breathing what you love. I decided to resign from the business that I had spent 4 years building and hit reset on my plan for the future. I put a simple goal for myself: If I could just make a living from working with my passion, I would be happy. And now, almost 6 years later, I can say that this was the best decision I have ever made!

  1. How would you describe your style?

My style is always going through changes. I love to experiment and find inspiration everywhere. However, I would say that my style always has a core of classic tailoring but with a retro twist. I am currently a big advocate of the 70’s flair.

Mathias le Fèvre - Style

  1. We love to see that you share our Scandinavian roots, how do you think this has affected your style, if at all?

Model and Creative Director, Mathias le Fèvre

Sides of my style are quite playful and bold, but on the other hand I have a big love for simplicity and minimalism. Most of the time less is more, and this is when it comes to life in general but fashion too. Most of my favourite looks play with monochromatic colour schemes which defiantly pays a tribute to my Scandinavian roots.

  1. We love following your travels, where is your favourite place to visit and why?

Mathias le Fèvre - model

Through my work I spend a lot of time in Italy. When it is not pandemic, I go there approximately 6 times a year and it is my favourite place for business and pleasure. The Italian food, the Italian people and the Italian weather… However, I would say that my place to visit, is the place that I have not yet been. Nothing compares to exploring the unknown.

  1. What can’t you travel without?

I can’t travel without…. my passport. Do not need much to have a good time. I often go away and pack as little as possible. That said, I probably would say my camera.

  1. What made you decide to start Le Fevre media?

Through visual storytelling I am able to combine my love for craftsmanship and my passion for photography. Creating a great picture in fashion takes more than just one person. Le Fevre Media is a team of the best art directors, photographers, videographers, retouchers, stylists, hair-makeup and assistants that I have ever worked with.

  1. Finally, it wouldn’t be 2020 without mentioning the pandemic so how have you found ways to stay balanced and be creative during the lockdown? What have you been doing to stay sane?

During the first lockdown I was still working on a few creative projects, of course I was not able to leave my house, so I set up a studio in my living room. I defiantly had more time on my hands, so I started redecorating my home in London. My missis and I repainted our flat, replaced a lot of our furniture and I also took on a plant obsession. I basically converted our patio into a jungle of lavender, rosses and olive trees.