Earlier, the scientist has tested the soil from the Red Planet to find evidence about the life existence on it. However, the attempt failed, to prove the life existence as there was no organic matter present in the Martian soil.

Recently, the great brains from the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab have published its research paper. According to a report in the scientific article, a new study has been devised to conclude for the life existence on the Mars. It depends on the detection of the amino acids level on the Mars surface and proves a boon to the scientists behind its execution.

The previous work focused on bringing in the Mars soil called the regolith by the Phoenix Mars Lander. The researchers were curious to trace the presence of the organic compounds in the soil, but the study failed. The chemical analysis performed on the Martian soil indicated the presence of the perchlorate (ClO4). It is a highly reactive chemical. The perchlorate is known to heat the organic content, and possibly this might be the reason behind the zero levels of the organic material in the Martian soil.

To address the issue, the great brains need to come up with something extraordinary and incorporate it into the next Mars Lander. One of the geniuses of the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Dr. Aaron Noell thinks that he has a got a solution to this. He proposes the sub-critical water extraction method abbreviated as the SCWE. It might tackle the pyrolysis or the problems generated by the perchlorate (ClO4).

The NASA geniuses are excited about the SCWE technique testing. If the test succeeds at the preliminary level, NASA might incorporate it and come up with a new Mars Lander in the near future.

If the SCWE technique qualifies the preliminary stage, it will prove to be a boon for the zest of exploring the existence of the life on Mars. Such a mission will be glorified to be the first of its kind in the history of the humanity!