A cannabis-dependent drug for treatment of epilepsy in children is expected to be entitled as the first USFDA approved the drug. We all are waiting for its approval in this week itself.

If this cannabis-based drug receives the USFDA approval in this month itself, it will give open the market for its manufacturing firm. The drug is said to be the outcome of the stringent efforts of the researchers at the US-based biotech company. The approval for the cannabis-based medicine will lay down a golden path for the firm in a market which accounts for about a billion dollar turnover.

The US-based biotech firm credited for manufacturing this epileptic drug is named as GW Pharmaceuticals. It is being said that the GW Pharmaceuticals raised a fund of about one billion dollars from the account of US Healthcare within the span of about last five years. The drug is named as Epidiolex. The clinical trials worked out with the Epidiolex contributes to the conclusion that the drug succeeded in reducing the seizures in children.

It is expected that Justin Gover will be responsible for approving the Epidiolex drug use for the treatment of two types of seizure onset in children. Justin Gover is the chief executive officer at the United States Food and Drug Administration. If the Epidiolex drug receives approval by coming Wednesday, it will pave the way for its market launch in autumn within the frontiers of United States.

According to the market analysts, Epidiolex will be entitled as a blockbuster drug. Blockbuster drug signifies a specific drug that bags in about one billion dollar remuneration per annum.