Yes! You heard it right. Earth is again going to witness an asteroid attack in the near future. The shocking revelation heads out from the headquarters of the B612 Foundation. The astronomers conveyed about the past incidences of the asteroid striking the earth. According to them, it has happened, and it will continue to occur in the future too.

The last time when the asteroid attacked the earth, it leads to the extinction of the dinosaurs from the planet. The dinosaur extinction, in turn, paved the way for the mammalians to flourish. The whole astronomy community confirms there is nothing that could obstruct the asteroid attack predicted to happen shortly. It is destined to repeat with a surety of 100 percent.

It is being said that the asteroid attack will wash out most of the species existing on the planet. The B612 Foundation is a cluster of a handpicked astronauts, astronomers, engineers, and scientists. According to the official website of the B612, it proclaims itself as “that works towards protecting the Earth from asteroid impacts and informing and forwarding worldwide decision-making on planetary defense issues.”

They claim that many asteroids have collided with the blue planet in past decades, but the KT event marked its footsteps in the history of the evolution of the species on the Earth. It was responsible for the whitewash of the dinosaurs and subsequently allowed the other species to amplify across the globe.

Before B612 Foundation, NASA had already voiced the rising concern of the 90 percent asteroids existing in the space indicating its collision with the earth.

The genius minds of the NASA are thriving hard day and night on their budding project HAMMER. It is intended to destroy the asteroids at a distance of several miles much before it strikes the earth’s surface.

It will remain a zest whether the NASA geniuses will triumph in their efforts or will their efforts will be sent in vain by the asteroids. Once again, we are witnessing the era of war between God and Technology!