The impending release of a new NFT marketplace by fintech juggernaut DaFIN has been bolstered further with the signing of media artist Kim Il-dong as a key advisor. DaFIN is planning to open its NFT marketplace and has laid some solid groundwork in its movement as an NFT fintech service provider thus far. They’ve already signed MOUs with Miracle City Gallery and Changdeok Collection and are constantly working on expanding their partnerships with artists and galleries here and abroad.

The news of Kim Il-dong’s involvement has perked up a good amount of attention for DaFIN. Already an established artist in his own right with previous exhibitions in Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Biennale de Dakar. Domestically he has quite the reputation as well, being invited to exhibit Seoul Museum of Art and Gyeongnam Provincial Museum of Art – two of the major galleries in South Korea.

Director of DaFIN Lee Joon-ho has a vested interest in keeping the NFT marketplace artistically sensitive, quoted “We can understand how artists and works generate and grow in the market”. Kim Il-dong is certainly the wise choice in this regard, he got started with digital media back in 2009 and has become the go-to advisors for experts and agents in the NFT landscape to provide feedback, navigation, and strategic planning.

If that’s not enough, he also wrote a bestselling book about his experiences in the industry and theories on the processes behind them. His art is also released on most NFT marketplaces in Korea at the moment. When asked about DaFIN, Kim Il-dong said: “In many NFT business markets, DaFIN has a concrete business model of real connection. It is impressive that the NFT project is promoted without harming the scope of the general art market. We are determined to cooperate with DaFIN in this regard.”