Jamie Raine
Jamie Raine

Only a 20-year-old, Jamie Raine is both a music producer and best-selling author. He has recently launched his book titled ‘The Complete Guide to FL Studio for Beginners: How To Make Music’ to give newbies to the music production world some much-needed help.

At only 20, Jamie Raine has made impressive strides as a beats producer and best-selling author. The English-born social media and music industry talent has written backing beats for hip-hop artists the world over. He has accrued almost 1 million followers across his social media platforms (his Instagram) and become one of the biggest names in his local music scene.

Breaking out with ‘Already Fallen,’ his first single, Jamie was fast in turning into a famous player in the music scene, with fans eager for more. For those who were already followers of electronic dance music, the track became an instant favorite.

Jamie is also a huge social media success, particularly on the world’s #1 platform Tik Tok. He achieved best-selling author status in multiple categories on Amazon with this guide on social media success.

Having helped people replicate his success on growing social media channels, Jamie is now sharing his knowledge about music production with his new book:

The Complete Guide to FL Studio for Beginners: How To Make Music

Jamie Raine book

Within the book, readers will learn how to quickly create their own original music with the basics of FL studio (a leading digital audio workstation). Not only will readers learn the basics of beat production, but they will also learn music creation skills that will stick with them for the rest of their life.

The book gives a broad view of the use of FL studio and how readers can leverage its powerful toolset to create truly great music. This guide helps people who want to cut the learning curve and get into the heart of beats production, mastering the basics very quickly.

Of the book, Jamie said:

“I have had a lot of quick success in music, and naturally, a lot of people ask me how I did it. It made sense for me to write and publish a book that explained the basics and take the reader through my personal journey. Hopefully, I can inspire other music producers with my book.”

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