Nancy Mello
Nancy Mello

The passing of any pet or loved one is always tragic, no matter how expected it is. There are always some questions left unanswered, and they can make moving on more difficult than it needs to be. Nancy Mello is a clairvoyant who seeks to help people bridge the gap of grief and come out the other side stronger and more confident.

Nancy answered some questions about her work as a psychic medium and animal intuitive.

Hi Nancy, what were the first signs that you noticed you could communicate with deceased pets and relatives?

My grandmother soon visited me after she passed when I was six-years-old and used some colorful language that a child of that age shouldn’t know. When I told my mom, her face went white, and I didn’t bring it up again for years. Living on a farm in the country, I could feel an energy that was present. It was only later that a family member revealed to me Native Americans would hunt on the very land our house was on. I was always drawn to animals and seemed to intrinsically know when they were sick, needed help, or what they were feeling. My mom used to joke that animals were attracted to me, as strays always seemed to find their way to our house. At the age of eight, my grandfather died on my birthday. Within days I was clearly smelling his cigar. Called, “phantom scents” that was my first experience with truly intellectually understanding that my grandfather was around me, even though he had passed on.

When did you decide you wanted to use your ability to help others?

I always knew my ability was to help others, but the only example of psychics when I was growing up were the fortune tellers at County Fairs. Raised Catholic, I was taught that people that knew things stemmed from the devil. It felt like a push-pull inside myself: how much do I reveal, and to whom? It wasn’t until my last suicide attempt in January of 2019 that I realized that by denying such a large part of myself, I was also denying my own light and purpose. I knew that I had been given this gift to help others. For thirty years I had ignored it because I feared rejection and shame, yet I knew that this ability wasn’t about me: it was about others. Focusing on myself was only leading to depression. I decided at that moment, the rest of my life would be to serve others with my gift.

What are the common types of results you get for your clients?

For my human clients, the most common result is what many will describe as, “a weight off their back.” There tends to almost immediately be a shift emotional energy, and it’s something that I can physically see during the reading itself. Clients that were crying suddenly break into a smile. Their face literally brightens up. Many of my client’s lives change in incredible ways: they go back to school, start their business, leave their partner,  move, change jobs- anything they were hesitating on before, suddenly becomes a non-issue. Many of my clients become friends, and I love seeing the progress that can be made in such a short amount of time. One person told me, “It’s like six years of therapy in an hour” and in a way, it’s true. I am able to help someone get to the heart of the issues that are troubling them, which allows them to “let go” and move on, quickly and without doubt.

With pets, most owners experience immediate results with less problem behavior, less anxiety, and happier pets. One dog owner noticed literally turn-around during the conversation itself.

Do you find a difference in the way that you communicate with different pets and relatives?

The way I communicate is the same. It is simply having a different focal point. I simply look at the image (or think about them in my mind, if I have no image to work with) and allow the information to flow through, just like a stream of consciousness. If you are watching me work you will notice I look off to the side, almost as if I was listening to a conversation no one else can hear. While people will speak in sentences and give me accents, common words they used, etc, animals will use images to communicate with me. For instance, a dog will show me his favorite type of treat by visually showing me the treat. I can then note the detail, the color, even the taste from the dog’s perspective. The images that come through are similar to that of a day dream- except these images are being communicated between the animal and myself. Just like with humans, the type of species I am communicating with will determine the level of information I will receive. I find that dogs, cats, horses, and pigs will use some words in between images for information. Birds, guinea pigs, squirrels, groundhogs will use images exclusively. This is one of the many areas I’d love to devote scientific research to in understanding why this is so.

What do you enjoy in your spare time outside of work and your community responsibilities?

I really enjoy being physically active. I have always been a runner, but about the time I started actively doing readings, I also started lifting weights and training for obstacle course races. I find communion in being in nature and using my body in a natural way. My family and I hike in the nearby mountains, and I truly feel closer to God when I am up in the mountains. Perhaps it’s the isolation, but my brain quiets down when I am walking in the mountains. It’s meditative.

Thank you Nancy for your time!
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