Radio cosmologists from around the globe have been stuck to their sets for a considerable length of time to tune in to that one sound from some place in space which would demonstrate that an outsider life, adequately propelled, exists some place in our universe. Indeed, solid confirmation is yet to go to our notice, be that as it may, as per a global group of researchers, they could be living in a parallel universe, says an article posted on

The group containing analysts from England, Australia, and the Netherlands arrived at this determination subsequent to running a program called ‘Advancement and Assembly of Galaxies and their Environments’.

The group has distributed its outcomes in the diary Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Under the program, analysts ran some PC reproductions with different beginning conditions and discovered that rather than before, conditions for the introduction of life are not that restricted.

In their exploration, dull vitality (inverse of gravity) showed up as an essential factor.

They discovered that regardless of whether dull vitality is hundred times the sum in our own particular universe, worlds can even now be framed, making up a parallel Universe and along these lines getting to be home to an existence.