Zhi Ko
Zhi Ko

Zhi Ko is the man behind NekozTek, a successful social, gaming, and Fintech influencer brand that’s always growing. While gaming is his passion, Zhi is also keen on the world of Fintech, and he already has proven experience rebuilding crypto brands like CoinDust.

We asked Zhi some questions about how he grew his brand and the principles he applies when helping others build their own.

Hello Zhi, what is the inspiration and story behind your brand NekozTek?

The inspiration for NekozTek was born out of a love for gaming and technology. I have always been fascinated with technology and have always gamed heavily throughout my adolescence. Gaming has truly helped with my anxiety as a child growing up and my overall mental wellness. I wanted to share my love for gaming by spreading news and education, hoping that one day it will help make an impact on others.

How did you develop your unique ‘growth hacking’ knowledge, and did you apply it to your social media channels?

I developed my “growth hacking” techniques by utilizing my background in engineering and six sigma. I broke down various social media algorithms and marketing techniques to help my clients I was consulting for. This knowledge took several years to develop, as it was a lot of trial and error, but overall it has given my clients extremely good results.

How did you first get into FinTech and develop your expertise?

I got into the realm of FinTech from my background in civil engineering, specifically focusing on sustainable construction. My fascination for making things more eco friendly lead me to alternative fuels where I worked for large companies like Walt Disney Imagineering. From there, I obtained my six-sigma certification and applied that towards the various realms Fintech had to offer, including gaming and cryptocurrencies. This allowed me the opportunity to travel around the world, and further develop my skills firsthand in a multitude of industries.

Tell us about how you helped turnaround the fortunes of FinTech product CoinDust?

CoinDust was a project originally thought and developed by Michael Jacobs. After a year of unsuccessful development due to poor management and workflow, I was offered a director position in the company. Using my skill set, I was able to not only raise capital for the project, but we have successfully brought on 3 developers in house and are well into finalizing the launch of the product by July 2020. This is monumental, as this app is an original idea for the cryptocurrency space.

What’s the story behind your involvement in Titan Ventures and what kind of work have you done for clients there?

Titan Ventures is an acceleration firm that started in 2019. It was founded by one other partner and me to help accelerate growth in projects specifically in the cryptocurrency space. We offered organic brand exposure on an extremely high level, as well as business development services including investing, public relations, marketing strategies and partnership management. Over the course of 1 year, we have successfully raised over 1 million dollars for clients and have over 45 happy clients.

In your opinion, how have recent world events (such as COVID-19) affected investment and growth in FinTech?

Covid-19 and the recent riots have drastically affected most fintech realms as development has ceased in manufacturing plans primarily. Due to the heavy population in these plans, production worldwide has been cut significantly.

However, there is one space in Fintech that grew from this world event, and that is the gaming space. Due to esports and gaming being primarily digital, the world of gaming thrived and has impacted many other industries, including social media and music. As an investor and influencer in this space, this makes things very interesting, as the world becomes more digital.

Thank you Zhi for your time!
You can follow up with Zhi Ko at www.nekoztek.com and connect via Instagram, TikTok or Twitter.