Undoubtedly, space is a cold place. However, the scientists of the International Space Station are thinking to make it a bit colder, though temporarily. The researcher’s crew is working on the strategy to power the Cold Atom Laboratory. The Cold Atom Laboratory is a small device which is used to plunge the atoms into temperature to shoot absolute zero.

According to NBC March, the research experiment will be concentrating on the particle movement at the temperatures that are just above the absolute zero values. The perfect zero temperature is the theoretical temperature in which there is no movement. The experiment will be focusing on the concepts of a quirk of quantum mechanics.

The Chinese satellite from the early period of the year 2017, made the use of a strange quirk known as quantum entanglement. The role of this quantum entanglement is to send an unhackable message at a distance of approximately seven hundred and fifty miles on our Planet Blue.

The Quantum movement targets explicitly two particles to be in unison. However, these twin particles are separated by a considerable distance between them. Any interaction with either of the particle will produce a similar reaction in the other particle. When carefully observed the two particles are same, they exist in two different places at one time.

The research analysis infers that when the temperature of the particles is lowered, it will favour scientists to observe the behaviours of these two particles. The International Space Station has a low-gravity environment. It is this low-gravity environment that makes it favourable for the scientists to conclude similar testing. It will, in turn, help the researchers to work on the chilled particle clouds before their breakdown.