Today, plastic has become an indispensable part of every individual’s life. Every minute tonnes and tonnes of plastic are being dumped into our oceans. The corporations and the multi-national companies are dumping their plastic wastes which have no fate, the moment they are tossed in the dustbins. Since the year 1950, about 8.3bn tonnes of plastic and plastic products have been entering our atmosphere. If we look at the rate of recycling within the same time span, it is somewhere around nine percent of the total amount of plastic generated.

We need to understand, that the measure of recycling is not potent enough to stand alone and curb out the problems of the plastic pollution. In addition to the recycling of the existing plastic wastes, we need to reach the source which gives rise to the plastic production and chop it off there itself. The need of the hour is that the big multinational companies and the corporations understand their role towards the eco-friendly environment and boycott the use of plastic cups, bottles, straws and other related things.
While we talk about the drink companies, they are the sole contributors of about 500bn non-recyclable plastic bottles per annum.

Some US cities, Morocco, Vancouver, and Iceland, emphasizes on the municipal cups, bags and straw bans. However, these measures to fall short of complete eradication of the problem of plastic pollution. In place of these measures, there are clean-up efforts undertaken across the globe. These clean-up drives are helpful in reducing the litter but fall short of their efforts when it comes to the microplastics. Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that make their way into our seas and oceans.

Now, we are in dire need of boycotting the plastic production instead of imposing restrictions on their usage.