Sultan Ghani

The Ghani Group has been around for almost a century and has built a remarkable reputation based on the dedication shown by the team and the admirable approach that the business has towards problem solving.

Sultan Ghani is the head of the company and is continuing the family’s tradition of providing expert advice on global operations, construction, logistics and financial services. He discusses the goals of the business and how he and the team have become so successful in achieving them.

Hi Sultan thanks for speaking with us. First of all, can you tell us a bit about yourself and some of the qualities that you attribute to your family that later shaped your career at Ghani Group?

My father, Hashmat Ghani is businessman and politician and my mother, Farah, worked in the healthcare sector for decades. Growing up in our home, we always discussed politics and business. Sometimes debating geopolitical issues or the fundamental leadership differences of executive managements in finance. I’m only now realizing that they were likely grooming us to take one route or the other. I’ve always wanted to take this career path, I really couldn’t have imagined doing anything different but no one ever knows what the future holds.

What inspired the creation of The Ghani Group?

The short answer, demand. After the Anglo-Afghan wars where the country would achieve independence from the British in 1919, the country’s economy was growing at a rapid pace. Recognizing its strategic location as a trade crossroad Ahmadzai Transportation Company was established in 1927 by Shah Jan Ahmadzai, my grandfather. My father reorganized the company in 2002 when the market was open for investors with a risk for appetite. He started rebuilding the foundation originally built upon from logistics and expanding as time went on into new sectors like security and construction. Now operating under our new brand name almost a century later, we’re now a company conglomerate but still privately held and family owned.

What lead you to become head of this organization?

I was extremely fortunate at a young age to be around so many inspiring business executives. During my studies, I worked in the private sector as a government contractor in various capacities well after I obtained my degree in Business Administration. Later, I was offered a position as Director of Business Development. After a number of successful tenders working within the company, I ascended to the role as President, diversifying our portfolio, inaugurating two new departments and diverting our focus into bringing large foreign direct investment into the country to make a positive change at a macro level.

What does The Ghani Group do?

We work tirelessly to solve problems and mitigate risk. We are experts in global operations, construction, logistics, and financial services. If we’re unable to offer the services that a client requires, we recommend one of our international or domestic based consortium members that will be able to help.

What is your mission at the outset?

Providing solutions to improve the world. Your company can bring real positive change and still make profits because: doing good is always good for business. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive from one another.

You offer your services both domestically and internationally. What kind of impact do you think these services have had on the organizations you’ve collaborated with?

It’s incredible to be working with organizations based in all corners of the world. You’re able to gain insight on how culture influences business management, motivations, and people’s expectations of work. These experiences enabled us to realize natural synergy between international business entities. Each collaboration is a lesson that leads to progression, we must continue to move forward, because you’ll never achieve anything remarkable standing still.

What is your approach to problem solving? What makes you unique?

I like to map out realistic timelines to achieve objectives. As problems occur, as they inevitably do, you’ve got to be equipped to accept that no matter how much you prepare nothing will ever go exactly according to plan. My father would tell me: You should never get upset in business, because there is always a better way.

Thank you Sultan for your time!
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