The idea of effortless, everyday beauty and the confidence it brings is something that many brands promise but fail to truly deliver on.

The upcoming September launch of The Brow Artist Collection by Strokes Beauty Lab is set to genuinely deliver on the promise of everyday confidence by putting salon-quality eyebrow styling in the hands of its customers.

Momoi Supe
Momoi Supe, the founder and CEO of Strokes Beauty Lab

Created by highly-regarded Filipino eyebrow beauty artist Momoi Supe, the entire Brow Artist Collection, including its flagship Microblade Pen Perfector, is designed to deliver convenient quality at a low price. The innovative product range covers every angle of eyebrow styling, allowing anyone to easily define and fill out their eyebrows at home.

As a brand, Strokes has its origins as a famous eye beauty studio based in the Philippines. The studio offers a wide array of beauty services mainly focused around eyebrows and eyelashes, but also for nails, skin, lips, and more. The standout service has always been brow sculpting, however, and this is what Momoi Supe and his brand are best known for.

Momoi decided that the potential of his transformative eyebrow sculpting could not just be limited to just one studio or just one country. This is why Strokes Beauty Lab was born, and why it is expanding to deliver the Brow Artist Collection to the world stage.

Momoi’s goal, and the goal of Strokes Beauty Lab, is to transform makeup artistry into something that consumers can use at home to unlock an unparalleled level of self-confidence. To reinforce the message of everyday confidence, all of the Strokes Beauty Lab products feature empowering messaging on their packaging such as “I am fearless’, or ‘I am bold’ etc.

With Strokes Beauty Lab now becoming a globally recognised brand, the promise of true everyday confidence is more attainable than it has ever been.

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