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Sunrise News partnered with professional journalists that are experts in the field of online publishing, business, entertainment, and environmental concern. To ensure the website maintain its reliability, we provide this author’s section to see the people behind our production.

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Angel Quiambao (4)
Internet Ad Revenue Hits New High In First Quarter of 2016

Angel is a chemist and a seasoned writer. She has worked with different online publications serving both as an editor and contributor. She started her career back in 2010 where she handles one of the famous sites on the internet. Her expertise extends up to fact-checking, content management, and much more. Her goal in joining Sunrise News is to create an online platform where readers and publishers share relevant information.

: [email protected]


Jane Michaels (6)
Facebook Extends Olive Branch To Publishers, Expands Instant Articles To Messenger App

Jane is an online publisher with websites ranging from various topics and services. She is a professional journalist from London, and have participated in multiple events and company platforms. Her expertise covers Business, Finance, to Entertainment topics. She also acts as a social media influencer helping companies reach their targets. Further, Jane offers other freelance jobs such as Business Strategy for startups, Monetization, and much more. She is now a fulltime contributor to Sunrise News.

: [email protected]


Jennifer Lee (5)
Using Triggered Emails Can Double Email Open Rates

Jennifer is a free-spirited individual with overflowing love to nature and travel. She admires conservation and other environmentalist movements that aim to protect mother nature. As a small-time entrepreneur herself, she tackles marketing advancements that will significantly affect business movers strategies in their quest for online presence.

: [email protected]


Michelle Lewis (5)
Microsoft To Buy LinkedIn For $26.2 Billion

Michelle is our go-to person for all entertainment access. She has been reporting showbiz news since 2010, and was later then, associated with different news platforms. She has been a freelance writer, digital marketer, and a beauty expert. As a fulltime contributor to Sunrise News, she aims to contribute to the progress of every headline and build a following fan base that shares online publishing techniques, and other monetization.

: [email protected]


Tim Evans (5)
Mobile Ad Blocker Hires New CRO To Work With Advertisers

Tim is Sunrise News' Editor-in-Chief. With over ten years of experience in the news and media field and a degree in journalism, Tim aims to make Sunrise News one of the best go-to news blogs on the world wide web. He received his BA in Journalism Studies from Sheffield University and since then joined different news platform both online and on paper. He offers other services such as business strategy for startup companies and much more.

: [email protected]

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