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Sunrise News authors are all experts in their respective fields, as well as being great writers. Our team all have their own interests outside of work, and they tend to write stories about their hobbies as well as their work experience.

Team Sunrise News

Angel Quiambao (5)
South African Producer UMngomezulu Who Touches Emotions With His Music

Angel is a seasoned writer. She has worked with different online publications both as an editor and contributor since 2010. Her specialities are fact-checking, content management, and more. Her goal in joining Sunrise News is to create an online platform where readers and publishers can share interesting nformation.



Jane Michaels (198)
Preventing Hackers Before They Strike: Cybersecurity Advice with Roisin Coleman

Jane has been contributing to multiple news websites since 2005. Her passion towards journalism and sharing relevant information with global readers pushed her to take journalism major at Chicago University. She is now a full-time journalist at Sunrise News.



Jennifer Lee (8)
74-Year Old Marjorie Keene Shares Her Experience with the Speed Keto® Diet Program!

Jennifer is a free-spirited individual who loves nature and travelling. She admires conservation and other environmentalist movements that aim to protect mother nature. She is a marketing entrepreneur herself and writes to share her experiences, as well as to promote environmental causes.



Amanda Lewis (10)
Charming and Talented, Alexander James Rodriguez Sings ‘California’ to Senator Bob Archuleta

Amanda is our entrepreneurial news investigator, and she always has all the latest business news and entertainment gossip as well! Amanda regularly travels between New York and Los Angeles and attends business seminar and events to find out any current business issues.



Tim Evans (8)
Dylan Walker Is An Artist Who Is Shifting Music Pop-Culture

Tim is Sunrise News' Editor-in-Chief. With over ten years of experience in the news and media field and a degree in journalism, Tim aims to make Sunrise News one of the best go-to news blogs on the world wide web. He received his BA in Journalism Studies from Sheffield University and since then joined different news platform both online and on paper. He offers other services such as business strategy for startup companies and much more.


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