Phoenix Capital Group

Since its establishment, Phoenix Capital Group has actively sought promising oil and gas investment prospects across the United States, employing innovative research methodologies and proprietary technology. A notable aspect of the family-owned company’s growth strategy includes expansion into North Dakota, marked by an acquisition in Williams County and the establishment of Phoenix Operating.

What Phoenix Operating Will Do

Phoenix Operating was formed in 2023 as a sub-division of Phoenix Capital Holdings LLC. It’s an E&P company, or Exploration and Production, based in North Dakota, a highly attractive region for oil and gas development.

The subsidiary was formed to help advance the development of American-owned oil and gas production, and it will do so by developing production of these resources. In late 2023, Phoenix Operating began drilling, completing, and producing its own wells.

The team’s drilling operations will be centered in Mountrail and Williams counties. Phoenix Operating will focus on three key basins in the United States:

  • DJ Basin: Located in parts of northeast Colorado and southeast Wyoming.
  • Powder River Basin: Located in parts of southeast Montana and northeast Wyoming.
  • Williston Basin: Located in parts of eastern Montana, western North Dakota, South Dakota, and Canada.

The subsidiary aspires to be committed to sustainable development, emphasizing American ownership as well as operational efficiency with minimal surface impact.

The recent acquisition in Williams County is being developed with three-mile Bakken laterals.

The North Dakota Field Team

The field team is led by Christ Marshall, an oil and gas industry veteran who serves as the managing director of field operations. Marshall has extensive experience as a superintendent, with more than 15 years of involvement, including 12 at WPX Energy and Rim Rock.

His successful track record in growing business operations across multiple locations makes him invaluable to the Phoenix Capital Group team.

In this role, Marshall is responsible for guiding the field operations team to achieve operational excellence and ensure responsible development that safeguards the environment and local communities.

“I am thrilled to spearhead this exceptional team as we venture into uncharted territory for Phoenix Capital Group,” Christ said. “We are dedicated to ensuring responsible development that safeguards our environment and communities, and we look forward to the opportunity to transform these projects into resounding successes.”

The stated mission of Phoenix Operating is to unlock the potential of unconventional mineral assets across the U.S. This leads to the company creating additional value for project stakeholders while also meeting energy needs for American households.

Phoenix Operating and Phoenix Capital Group establish long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between mineral owners and oil and gas operators, ensuring that no hidden value in the form of hydrocarbons is left untapped.

About Phoenix Capital Group

Founded in 2019, Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC is a prominent oil and gas mineral rights acquisition, investment firm, and operated working interest company dedicated to discovering untapped value on behalf of landowners across the United States. The family-owned company is a technology-led and client-centric focused organization dedicated to developing partnerships with its clients through property acquisitions and investment opportunities. With a team of experienced professionals with expertise in software development, engineering, and finance, Phoenix Capital Group boasts over 60 years of combined experience in the energy sector, focusing on capital deployment and asset management.