Amber Gilmore

If your child has trouble with going to bed or with sleeping through the night, you may be in need of a pediatric sleep consultant. Amber Gilmore has developed her business Creative Nurturing to provide solutions for any parents looking to help their little family get a better night’s sleep.

Providing a range of exceptional services and available to travel to you wherever you may be, Amber is the ideal gentle sleep trainer that you can trust.

Hi Amber, can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Yes, sure. I’ve been in the childcare field for 15 years now. I started working as a professional nanny. I wanted to focus strictly on infant sleep to help parents and get much needed rest. I worked with a lot of first time parents as a professional nanny and many of them were very exhausted and sleep deprived. Since then I have expanded my knowledge and education with many certifications with one being that becoming certified in infant sleep and started to make a difference at night for many busy and tired parents. While I was teaching their infants to sleep better, they got more needed assistance and sleep that they needed as well. This has been so rewarding because once the baby is sleeping through the night the family lets me know how much of a big difference I have made in their lives and to know I’m changing lives for the better lets me know this is my calling and I’m meant to do this. Their appreciation goes a very long way and I’m always thankful for the opportunity to have met them and help their infant get the proper sleep they need with the great side effect of the parents getting much needed rest and sleep too.

What exactly do you do as a pediatric sleep trainer?

As a pediatric sleep trainer I use a holistic approach and observe the child and their temperament and how much they are eating and how well they are gaining weight, their sleep environment, and any pediatricians recommendations before I follow through with sleep conditioning or sleep training.  If the family require only overnight assistance the focus is on educating the parents about daytime schedules, daily activities for the infant and a set predictable bedtime routine feedings and sleeping behavior and patterns at night. If the family requires around the clock assistance 24/7  the focus is on extensive infant care, umbilical cord care, circumcision care, bathing and dressing care teaching, educating, feedings, scheduling, day time naps, bedtime routines, playtime, tummy time and other developmentally age appropriate activities. This does not mean I’m pushing the infant to starve, scream, cry or force feed the infant to sleep more hours at night before they are ready or crying their way to longer stretches of sleep. Once I have done my due diligence and their pediatrician has given the parents the permission to sleep, we then as a team, establish what needs to happen before during and after to make sure everything is smooth sailing and fits the infant milestones.

How did you become interested in pursuing this career?

I’ve always loved working with babies and I love how fascinating infant sleep is. I enjoy educating and assisting parents and their newborn when they first come home from the hospital. The extensive and specialized care they need, I’m their to help them navigate this new beginning for them and help the newborn get comfortable with their new world and environment. I love shaping their infant sleep future and I’m honored to have that trust from the beginning to do my job and establish positive long-term sleep hygiene habits.

When did you decide to start your business Creative Nurturing?

I established creative nurturing in 2017. At creative nurturing the goal is catering  to new and experienced parents needs and being a trustworthy extension to their family. A new baby is a new and exciting journey filled with many surprises. Striving to give parents top rate infant care and education is necessary for a smooth transition for everyone to become accustomed to their new normal.

What services does Creative Nurturing offer?

The services available today are exactly what most parents are looking for: traveling to your home, in-home care (nights only or live-in 24/7 care) Newborn care, parent education, infant and child sleep training, consultations, lactation support, SIDS awareness, safe sleep awareness, bedtime routine advice, scheduling that fits your child developmental needs, preemie and multiples care and my children’s book and lots of care and nurturing.

Why is it so important for children to get a good night’s sleep?

It’s so important because sleep helps the infant brain grow. Sleep builds their brains and lack of enough sleep can harm their development. Sleep benefits learning and memory, emotional regulation-the infants moment-to moment emotional patterns, and cognitive development-to think, learn, understand and remember. During restorative sleep, memory is being stored, their energy is being replenished and the brain tissue is developing. Having a well-rested child and family is key to healthy interactions within the household.

Can you tell us about your book The ABCs of Sleep?

Yes, The ABC’S Of Sleep is my first children’s book and I had a lot of fun creating this book. It’s a great book about learning your ABC’S  while learning with the ABC’S about sleepy and awake time, to get ready for bed, to have a bedtime routine, to sleep peacefully and wake to up peacefully. It’s the perfect combination to fun learning about great sleep hygiene and bedtime for babies and toddlers.

Finally, what fundamental advice would you give to parents looking to improve their child’s relationship with sleep?

Find out what your child sleep habits are and how it’s affecting them. Write out a list of things that you notice that happens during the day, naps and bedtime. What do they respond well to what makes them upset?  Happy? Content? Overstimulated? By keeping track of your child’s temperament and habits associated with their sleep you will be able to help yourself eliminate any obstacle preventing sleep. To get to the root cause of lack of sleep and to solve their sleep debt, book a consultation or even a home visit with a sleep consultant to troubleshoot any challenging problem areas you and your restless baby are experiencing. We all love and support, you don’t have to suffer in silence nor do you have to do this by yourself. Being well rested makes you a happier person and your infant a happier baby.

Thank you Amber for your time!
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Amber Gilmore is an expert in finding a solution for you and your family. Passionate and trustworthy, she will provide the upmost care for your child no matter what issue they are having. If you want to ensure that your family is well-rested, contact Amber Gilmore and Creative Nurturing to get the help that you need.