Edna Freeman
Edna Freeman

Finding a new friend can be extremely challenging for kids, but it can also be a very rewarding, engaging and empowering experience. That’s why it’s extremely important for parents to try and introduce the idea of socialization to kids, as it’s very empowering, helpful and it can bring in amazing benefits in the long term. With that being said, My New Friend: Minha Nova Amiga is a book written by Edna Freeman with the true focus of showing the meaning of friendship and its importance, especially for kids.

Who is Edna Freeman?

Edna Freeman is an author, actress, model and also a digital creator. She was born in Brazil, but she lived in San Francisco for more than 20 years now. Her focus is to help people with mental health problems, but at the same time she is also engaged in politics. Additionally, she wants to help our society become more inclusive and equal. Edna is also an advocate for child abuse victims, and she is constantly trying to help children that have a less than fortunate life as much as she can. Her primary focus is to always help others and really focus on making them happy.

Who is Edna Freeman

An easy way to introduce the concept of a nanny or babysitter

Kids can be very reluctant whenever someone new enters their life. That’s especially true when it comes to bringing a nanny into the mix. This book is great because it does a very good job at showing the importance of a nanny. The story itself is cute, charging, and it makes it easier for children to accept the idea of having a nanny in the first place.

The author shows kids that having someone new in their life aside from their parents is not exactly a bad thing. Having a nanny is a great thing, because there are all kinds of activities and fun moments that can be pursued. This is incredible and it just shows to show the uniqueness of introducing a new person to your kids. Yes, it’s not that easy, but in the end the nanny and your kids can become great friends.

And that’s what the book is all about, it shows that friendship can arise from anywhere, even from places that are hard to comprehend at first. Yet that’s what makes new relationships so special for kids. Within this book, the author does a very good job at showing how reluctant kids are in the beginning when it comes to meeting new people. They want nothing more than their mother and father to come back as fast as possible. But in the end, connecting with someone new is very exciting and also incredibly fun.

A simple, fun story

Edna Freeman made sure that she brought the Brazilian and Latina mom spirit into this book. But the greatest thing about her book is that it’s all genuine, fun and a story that can very well be a real thing. That being said, the characters in this book are very cute, relatable, and you will be incredibly impressed with how fast you are able to connect with them at an emotional level. This speaks volumes when it comes to her unique set of ideas, how she covers the topic and the overall approach that she brings to the table.

This book received a lot of great reviews even from nannies, which were impressed with how easy it was to introduce the nanny concept to kids and not have them be afraid in any way. The book itself encourages kids to be friends with their nanny, while also explaining why having a nanny is something incredible and enjoyable at the same time.

Bilingual book for kids

Another interesting thing to note about Edna Freeman is that this is a bilingual book. Yes, it’s available in Portuguese and English, so a multitude of parents and kids are able to read it. This might very well be a great introduction to Portuguese for kids, and a fun one at that. Reding a bilingual book is exciting, because it sparks curiosity and it makes it easier for kids to become interested in a new language.

The topic itself is also fun, and the way everything is presented just makes your reading experience wholesome and fun. The author added all kinds of interesting ideas and messages throughout the book, which make it very interesting to read multiple times as well. It’s just a whole lot of fun to read it again and again, just because the concept is so different to other books for kids. Yet at the same time, introducing the ideas of having a nanny to the little ones is very simple, and the benefits can indeed be among some of the best.

A great read for all ages

Edna Freeman

My New Friend is a wholesome story and one that automatically warms your heart. It has charm, charisma, and it also brings in some cool ideas that kids are eased into. That’s the great thing about this book, the fact that Edna Freeman manages to create a fun, emotional story where kids actually get to learn something new.

It’s also great to see that this book actually encourages kids to not be afraid. It empowers them to trust themselves and their instincts, which does bring in a lot of potential. Despite the fact that this is not a really long story, it’s a very interesting one, and kids can definitely relate to these characters. It manages to bring in a great sense of immersion and fun, while embracing lots of emotion and exciting moments.

Beautiful graphics

Another thing that you will notice while reading My New Friend is the fact that this book has some incredible, interesting graphics. It uses a great visual style that’s friendly and suitable for kids. On top of that, there’s no violence, the entire world is friendly, which makes kids feel safe and happy. They even get to learn a lot of new things while reading the book, and that’s what really matters the most.

The book is very colorful, and all the illustrations are done masterfully. It’s a great book to look at, and reading it can be extremely interesting and exciting at the same time. Which is why grabbing this book is great, because it’s a lot of fun for kids, and they will look at those images for hours and hours. Some kids might even want to test their drawing skills and try things out, which is what really pushes the limits here in a fun, creative way.

Why should kids read My New Friend?

This is a book that kids will enjoy because it brings the sense of adventure and fun. It sparks their imagination, which is exactly what you would expect from this type of book. At the same time, it’s one of those things that everyone likes to read, and it continues to be very enjoyable and fun at the same time. It’s also engaging, and you won’t put it down until you finish the entire story. That’s the type of thing you will like about this book, its creativity and the fact that it continues to stand out as a fun, very easy to read title great for kids of all ages.

My New Friend is also a book for kids that cultivates a love for reading. The story itself is expertly crafted by Edna Freeman, and it continues to impress children from start to finish. Once your kid finishes this book, he/she will most likely try to go and read more. Why? Because they want to enjoy more stories and exciting moments like this.

Books like My New Friend also improve your kid’s imagination and they even support cognitive development. As we mentioned above, they are also great for introducing new concepts. Some kids find it scary to stay alone in their home with a stranger. But this book shows that having a nanny is not a bad thing at all. It’s actually a lot of fun, and it does allow kids to experience even more adventures and fun moments.

This book also inspires a sense of discipline, imagination and it develops a special bond with your child. That’s the cool thing about this book, the fact that it offers a safe environment for kids where they get to have fun, learn new things and also enjoy their time with parents while reading a wholesome story.


My New Friend is an extraordinary book for kids, very colorful, with an exciting story and lots of interesting moments. Not only is it suitable for children of all ages, but adults will have a great time reading it to their kids as well. Written by Edna Freeman, a mom of Brazilian origin, this is a great book that’s bringing in an original story, a great concept and some exciting ideas into the mix. If you want to read a new book with your kid, one that’s different, yet cool and with a great story throughout, give My New Friend a shot today!