Gray and Sons Jewelers
Miami, Make a Wish ball from the left Tiffany Vandermark, Agnes Gray, Keith A Gray, Scott R. Storick.

Luxury items like watches and jewellery can often have high price tags on them, meaning that getting a watch or necklace as gift for someone (or yourself) could be a significant investment. Nowadays, with people being a little cleverer with their money, there is a demand for refurbished and restored luxury items that look as good as something brand-new but cost significantly less.

It was this same desire for affordable luxury that inspired CEO Keith A. Gray to start up a business selling certified pre-owned watches and jewellery. Four decades later, Gray & Sons Jewellers are thriving – with a team of Swiss watchmakers to back them up.

Keith realised that by restoring antique pieces to their former glory, customers could enjoy quality products without having to pay too hefty a price tag.

His store, which is located in Miami Beach and is also available online, sells everything from designer jewellery such as Tiffany & Co., to modern Rolex models and even retro pocket watches. Gray & Sons’ wide range of jewellery and watches make them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a unique gift for any occasion.

If you are curious as to how they are able to sell luxury items at low prices, we will let you into their secrets.

The restoration process

The process starts by accepting high-quality, authentic pre-owned jewellery and watches (they must be of an exceptional quality to begin with) and then restoring them. Each watch undergoes 86 steps of intensive inspection and repair by Swiss watchmakers with more than 150 combined years’ experience. They clean and polish each piece to restore their original shine and then are given a final inspection before they are ready to resell.

How their pricing works

Because Gray & Sons is an independent, unauthorised luxury item reseller, they are allowed to create their own pricing strategy – they don’t have to stick to the manufacturer’s policies. In addition, the fact that they are selling pre-owned (yet in essentially new condition) instead of brand new pieces allows them to set highly competitive prices. This is why they’re such an appealing option!

Their quality guarantee

Exceptional quality is guaranteed by Gray & Sons – they provide 12-24 month warranties on all watches, as well as a return privilege of 10 days. They also offer a “Like New for Life” service which gives all purchases over $2,000 free annual polishing, pressure testing, battery replacements as well as detailing. These policies give customers the confidence to know that if they are not completely satisfied, they can get a full refund. In addition, their international reputation and extensive list of satisfied customers can give new clients peace of mind with their stunning new purchase.


Gray & Sons Jewellers are one of the longest-standing members of the International Watch & Jewellery Guild, as well as the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc. Their  reputation for selling exceptionally restored luxury jewellery and watches is without parallel. To learn more about their respected business, visit their website or attend their boutique store in Florida’s Miami Beach.