What inspired you to get into the music industry?

– Joe$tarr:

if I’m going to be honest i feel like the music found me.. because I feel like I just naturally been living the rap lifestyle for years now going to party’s and wearing high fashion clothing that would make people look like who is that guy. Everyone would ask oh are you an musical artist ? And I would always tell them nah just came out to have a good time and most of the time people refer me to start making music because I already have that image to me…

so I droped my first single in 2019 called “look at the bag” and that was what really helped me choose to be an artist after all the good feedback in my mind I’m thinking the song wasn’t that good but everyone else seen potential in me and I’d like to thank my day 1 fans for believing in me and giving me that drive making me feel like I could really make something out of this

I see you have a very good work ethic putting out music every month and even 2 songs a month. Why keep you focused?

– Joe$tarr:

What keeps me focused is my fans And I have a lot of people with high expectations on me and look up to me and I just feel like if I give up now I’m giving up on myself and my fans. yeah it may seem like I’m doing good but I’m not satisfied and I’m always looking for new sounds and just trying to figure out how to improve my craft.

How often are you in the studio making music?

– Joe$tarr:

well I just invested in my own studio a month ago so I’m always in the studio everyday when I have free time if I’m not recording music I’m working on my engineering skills

How did you get your performance name Joe$tarr?

– Joe$tarr:

there’s 2 reasons the first one is I just feel like a Star… and the second one is I am I huge anime fan so one of my favorite anime’s  is  jojo bizarre adventure with also was an influence on where I got my name from

Are you signed to a label yet and did you get any offers yet?

– Joe$tarr:

No I am a fully independent artist…

Yes I’ve got a couple of record deal offers but no offers that stand out to me yet so I’m just staying patient until I get a offer that I’m satisfied with.

Who are some of your favorite hip hop artist in the game?

– Joe$tarr:

  • Big Sean
  • Lil Wayne
  • Eminem

What do you have to say to your fans any upcoming news ?

– Joe$tarr:

As of right now I’m planning to drop 2 singles a month and a (music video) I’m trying to stay as consistent as I can be just to let the world know that I really put a lot of time into this and for the people who don’t really believe in me y’all see that I’m just getting bigger and bigger.

Once again shout out to my fans I couldn’t do it without y’all for real and just stay tuned and watch how I keep progressing cause when I blow up! I ain’t going to start moving Hollywood or non of that and I’ll always try to show love stay tuned….

You can find my music here:

Instagram: @joe5tarr

YouTube: Joe5tarr

SoundCloud: joe5tarr