The Gabe Concept
The Gabe Concept

An Argentina-raised EDM star The Gabe Concept is our topic for emphasis today. The Gabe Concept has gained traction in the Musical world after its latest release such as “Experience”, “Tulum” and “Nightfall” in 2022. The Gabe Concept is a noteworthy artist that everyone should know who he is.

Being amazed by Electronic music, he always wanted to take a step in the musical world making him learn production at the age of Thirteen. He wants to pursue music as his career and since then he has never looked back.

The Gabe Concept is known for its unique craft everywhere. It is difficult for him too to create new instrument sounds so that it is appealing to the audience. An artist always has a unique profile so that he can stand apart from the other artist in the Industry.

During a recent talk with The Gabe concept, he highlighted the whole creative process behind all his work. The first thing is to get the melody right after the build-up, which is the track’s core, and then he’ll be able to get it. Later, he works on the build-ups and decides whether or not to include vocals in the tune.

For more updates on “The Gabe Concept” recent projects, one can check him out on Instagram and Stream the Gabe concept on Spotify