Delta 8

Hemp products, including certain forms of THC were legalized in the United States in 2018. Delta 8 are a company at the forefront of raising awareness of the fact that these specific forms of THC can be obtained legally. Their campaign Legal THC 4 All is helping them to promote this fact and aiming to save lives by providing safe and verifiable THC products for consumers.

Hello Bentley, welcome. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself before we begin?

Thanks for having me! I own and operate Delta 8 which is a premium brand of Delta 8-THC products. My background is in digital marketing which has proven to be useful in such an evolving industry such as ours. I’m proud to own and operate our brand with some of the brightest minds throughout the country. We have grown tremendously in the past year and I’m very excited to be part of what is soon to be a huge industry in the United States and around the world.

Can you tell us more about your company Delta 8?

I’d love to, like I mentioned earlier, Delta 8 is a premium top selling brand of a cutting-edge cannabinoid named Delta 8-THC, produced entirely from legally grown and sourced Hemp. Delta 8’s mission is to provide safe and clean products to a population where traditional THC is illegal and unsafe to purchase and consume. I say unsafe because it is virtually impossible for consumers of traditional THC in illegal jurisdictions to validate their products to ensure authenticity. Let’s not forget; it was these same “black-market” THC vapes killing people over the past few years!

What products do you sell?

Delta 8 offers its customers a wide selection of premium Delta 8-THC products and ships to many states in the United States for free. We are a one stop shop for everything Delta 8 and operate one of the most popular marketplaces on the internet for Delta 8. Our loyal customers are always rewarded, as our email club sends out constant deals! We currently carry several brands in addition to our premium brand of products, and also sell smoking accessories. We plan to always grow our store, so we can bring the widest selection to our customers for the best price!

What exactly is Delta 8-THC? How is it different from other forms of THC?

Many people have certainly heard of the term “THC” and I’d be willing to bet that many people recognize it to be illegal in the United States. And those who think that are right, at least to some extent. Federally, the only version of THC that is illegal is Delta 9-THC. In fact, with the 2018 Farm Bill, all Hemp products were legalized in the United States that contain less than 0.3% Delta 9-THC, which all of our products do! Most people don’t know this, but CBD is produced from Hemp and this is the same law which legalized CBD all over the country.

How important is it that THC users consume THC safely?

Many people have heard about the recent increase over the past few years of vaping related deaths throughout the United States. However, most don’t know that 99% of these deaths and injuries were traced back to those “black-market” THC vape cartridges which were full of horrible cutting agents. Quite frankly, the safety and authenticity of your THC product should be the most important thing to any consumer. Always ensure that your product comes with both an authentication method as well as lab results so that you can ensure your product is safe.

You provide a QR code on your products so that consumers can ensure they are lab-verified. What will this mean for consumers?

Providing a custom QR code on all of our products is a safe, easy and effective way for consumers to ensure authenticity. Every product sold by Delta 8 will always feature this necessary security feature, which will take each consumer to the exact lab results for the product they are about to consume. This way, they will always have the peace of mind that their product is safe and is in-fact authentic. We are proud to be among the first in the industry to do this!

Can you tell us about the Legal THC 4 All campaign and what you are aiming to do?

The Legal THC 4 All Campaign is an initiative started by Delta 8 to raise consumer awareness about Delta 8-THC. We believe that there is a significant number of people living in states throughout the United States that are unable to access legal and safe THC, and this campaign is for them. We want to tell them that there is a way to legally and safely consume THC products and that they don’t need to wait for marijuana to be become fully legalized to do so. Delta 8 also realized that many people were disappointed in CBD and all the hype that came with it, and in a way, we think that Delta 8-THC is everything everyone wanted CBD to be.

How can people find and support the campaign?

Delta 8:


Follow: @delta_8thc on Instagram and Twitter

How do you see the THC industry developing in the future?

Many people think that they are going to have to wait for Congress to legalize THC, but in reality, that isn’t necessary because versions of it already are legal! We hope that the majority of Cannabis consumers in the United States learn about Delta 8-THC and understand that there is already a choice for a safe and legal consumption method, and that is Delta 8! The Hemp industry is set to be one of the fastest growing industries over the next 10 years and we are very excited for the future. Legal THC is a reality in the United States now; it’s just a matter of time before everyone finds out!