Neerav Vadera
Neerav Vadera

Neerav Vadera is one of the UK’s top trading experts. With almost two decades of experience in the industry, he has gained valuable insight into some of the most practical tips and tricks for taking advantage of the market. He now hopes to share this advice with others who are looking to get in to trading. He created his business G7FX as a platform for teaching these skills.

Neerav Vadera got his start in investment banking at Barclays Investment Bank as an intern. As soon as he graduated from Business School, he was offered a full time position, and quickly became highly skilled in navigating the financial markets. After years of working in trading Forex and Futures, he felt that he had gained enough expertise to enlighten others on how to do this successfully.

When in Business School, Neerav Vadera worked as an Accounts Tutor to teenagers. Through this, he realised that not only did he have a passion for trading, but a passion for teaching too. Thus, G7FX was born. The company created a platform for Neerav Vadera to share his knowledge with the world. As the only 100% audited pro educator in the market, Vadera has built a reputation as someone who encourages people to put in the effort when it comes to learning the skills needed for trading.

Trading is not something that can be mastered overnight, and Neerav Vadera is careful to reiterate this. Some companies promise instant results, but this often creates disasters for people who engage in these get rich quick schemes. G7FX regularly donates to charities that raise awareness about the addictive nature of trading, providing support for those who have encountered financial strife. This reiterates Vadera’s commitment to providing genuine advice that can be steadily built upon over the course of a year. Only through dedicating time and effort will you be able to master the skills needed for trading.

Each and every module at G7FX is created by Neerav Vadera himself. He carefully constructs a program that builds your knowledge comprehensively and allows you to learn valuable skills. This structure is highly important for success. The Foundation Course covers months 1-3 of what you would learn in an institution and educates people on topics such as the Depth of Market and foundational orderflow. The modules get more advanced from there. Months 3-6 cover topics like VWAP and Profile. Once these modules are complete, students are put on a simulation period in months 6-9. After these processes have been complete, students are able to properly build a career.

If you are looking to experience the rewarding and mentally challenging nature of trading, G7FX is a great place to find the key advice that you need. Neerav Vadera provides the training that you need to be successful in the same manner that you would learn it at an institution. He goes through each topic area in depth and provides the same level of training that he himself received and has found success with.