If you’ve recently decided to start your own firm, you simply cannot underestimate the importance of having a welcoming, fun and fair corporate culture, in which all employees are comfortable, confident and treated with respect. It’s not just about recruiting the right candidates to add and reinvigorate that culture; it’s about encouraging your workers to see the value and importance in their work. Seeing their values gives them meaning and satisfaction.

Hire people that connect well with the business

If you have ever applied for a job and been told you’re ‘not a great fit for the company’, you’ve probably left their offices very upset and frustrated. And it makes sense too, because that phrase is often used in a disingenuous manner. But it is crucial that a hiring manager looks for candidates that can add to the corporate culture.

Take for example SEO Shark. They are an SEO, digital marketing company in the heart of Sydney. As an Australian firm, they respect inclusivity and diversity, often viewing it as a source of competitive advantage. As a result, when SEO Shark looks to fill a new position, they don’t look for the “best” candidate just in terms of university marks and career achievements. For the last few years, they’ve been focusing on the bigger picture when it comes to hiring someone; they try to get to know the person – their likes, hobbies and interests. These qualities are equally important to someone’s overall job performance.

Encourage collaboration

Collaboration is also very important. Sitting at a desk cubicle all day, typing away can get quite monotonous and depressing. However, ensuring that workers feel comfortable taking a break, having a chat and collaborating across and within teams can help build that positivity.  At the same time, encouraging your workers to relax and feel confident in sharing ideas is a crucial pillar of fostering innovation, change and better business results.

Lead well with direction

There’s nothing worse for an employee than to come into a workspace and have no idea what they are meant to be doing. Confusion significantly undermines a worker’s sense of utility and satisfaction in the workplace. As a result, it’s very important that those in leadership positions are clear and precise in their communication. Effectively utilising all communication channels and ensuring that everyone is on the same page is unparalleled in terms of importance.

Look at some of the best business leaders in history. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, devised the assembly line technique and understood the importance of working together as a unit. Even more relevant today, Howard Schultz (the head of Starbucks) and Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, recognise the importance of leading from the front and giving their workforce a sense of direction.